EPN Pole Numbering


What we will do and why

Assignment of unique numbering and associated physical labelling, complete with QR Code to facilitate asset identification, location and related information access to all pole assets across the Eastern Power Networks area.

Key deliverables

  • Physical labelling of 480,000 poles.
  • Assignment of unique Identification number.
  • Population, cleanse and alignment of pole data across asset systems.

Target outcomes

  • Ability to accurately identify pole assets and corresponding geographical and network location.
  • Direct access to safety and asset related information in the field.
  • Improved data quality and consistency.

Measures of success

  • Number of poles labelled.
  • Improvement in pole data quality.
  • Reduction in pole location identification errors.

Stakeholder Engagement

Based on feedback from engineers, we designed the numbering system to have the first number determine the regional area with second denotes the voltage. Stakeholders from across the business also highlighted the opportunity to provide more information, so we incorporated a QR code on stickers which when scanned by the public or staff, takes the user to a portal with information about the asset, location and health and safety information. We have also shared our approach with other Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) exploring similar initiatives.

Planned start:


Target completion:


Key milestones:

  • Physical labelling of all poles (Feb 2023)
  • Completion of data cleanse activities (May 2023)
  • All systems updated with new pole numbers (Mar 2024) - Delayed



Date of change Category Description
22.12.2023 Update

All systems to be updated by end of 2023, NetMAP over 99% complete, ADMS 90%, SAP bulk update by end of 2023. Full system update delayed nine months from July 2023 due to technical issues. More detail about stakeholder engagement has also been added.