GIS Vectorisation


What we will do and why

Wholesale digitisation of legacy raster-based network records across the Eastern and London Power Networks areas.

Key deliverables

  • GIS system upgrade.
  • Digital conversion of legacy network records held in our Geospatial Information System.
  • End to end as built network connectivity model.
  • Enhanced quality control mechanisms.

Target outcomes

  • Unlocked potential of a previously non-digital data asset.
  • Facilitation of more sophisticated network modelling and geospatial analytics.
  • Enhanced visual utility and ease of use when referencing network records.
  • Improved sharing and exchange of geospatial network records.
  • More timely and accurate updating of network records.

Measures of success

  • Extent of digitised network.
  • Reduction in safety related incidents associated with interpretation and use of network records.
  • Reduction in time and effort manual provisioning of network records.
  • Net change in linear asset volume.
  • Value realised through network modelling and analytics.

Stakeholder Engagement

Internal stakeholder communications to the operational areas on a weekly basis with increasing comms to the Connections and Infrastructure Planning departments. We have also publicly shared the status of this programme via the Open Data Portal.

Planned start:


Target completion:


Key milestones:

  • Scoping & Procurement (Sep 2021)
  • GIS Systems Upgrade (Mar 2022)
  • Discovery & Technical Readiness (Dec 2022)
  • Mobilisation & Pilot Delivery (Mar 2023)
  • Vectorisation complete for EPN (Dec 2025) - Delayed
  • Vectorisation complete for LPN (Mar 2027)


On Track

Date of change Category Description
22.12.2023 Update

Vectorisation of EPN delayed six months from mid-2025 to end of the year, but the overall project timeline is not expected to change. More detail about stakeholder engagement was also added along with links to more detail.