Smart Meter Data


What we will do and why

Utilisation of data from smart meters to increase efficiency and accuracy of network operation and control, planning and asset management activities, and delivery of enhanced services to customers.

Key deliverables

  • Smart Meter power outage alerts integrated with our outage management system (ADMS) for real-time alerting
  • Voltage alerts and voltage readings from Smart Meters
  • Energisation check of individual smart meter supply status
  • Tool for estimating consumption, utilisation and finding network issues

Target outcomes

  • Improved customer outage detection improving response time
  • Proactive identification of network issues
  • Improved voltage management and supply quality on low voltage network through use of smart meter data
  • Enhanced customer service and power cut journey for customers
  • Improved network utilisation modelling and associated investment planning

Measures of success

  • Improved network performance (CMLs)
  • Improved outage response time through proactively contacting customer about outages
  • Improved network supply quality with reduction in customer voltage complaints
  • Increase in customer satisfaction scores
  • Improved data quality and connections response time through smart meter consumption insights

Stakeholder Engagement

Began engagement externally with customer in 2019 there was positive sentiment towards the ability to proactively detect outages, but concern around the sharing of consumption data. In response to this we created the Smart Meter privacy plan which sets out the use of aggregated data to preserve privacy. We have since carried out internal stakeholder engagement (analytics, data engineering, IT, asset management, network planning, network operations and asset management) to capture business requirements for developing the smart meter usage capabilities.

Planned start:


Target completion:


Key milestones:

  • Network issue identification from voltage alerts (Jul 2023)
  • Disaggregated smart meter consumption data trial (Aug 2023)
  • Smart Meter O30Platform (Oct 2023)
  • Supply quality analysis tool of smart meter voltages (Apr 2024)
  • Smart Meter Data Aggregation & Cloud Storage (Aug 2024) - Delayed



Date of change Category Description
23.12.2023 Update

In response to Ofgem feedback, we provided additional detail in our outputs, outcomes and measures of success. The end date was changed from October 2023 to August 2024 to allow for additional work required to facilitate aggregated load consumption data. More detail about stakeholder engagement was also added.