What we will do and why

Spotlight is a project focused on leveraging data modelling and machine learning to identify vulnerable customers belonging to Priority Service, Fuel Poor (FP) and Leaving No-one Behind (LNB) categories at a granular level.

Key deliverables

  • Model outputs stored in our enterprise data store
  • Recommended engagement mechanisms for vulnerable customers

Target outcomes

  • Increased priority service register coverage
  • Better supported fuel poor and leaving no-one behind customers

Measures of success

  • Percentage of PSR customer onboarded
  • Number of targeted services provided for FP and LNB categories

Stakeholder Engagement

Held internal workshops with data engineers and analysts to get the required data inputs.

We will test the effectiveness of the recommendations with customers against traditional stakeholder engagement activities such as leafletting and referrals.

Public Detailed Docs

Planned start:


Target completion:


Key milestones:

  • Data discovery complete (Dec 2023)
  • Data modelling and machine learning development complete (May 2024)
  • Engagement recommendations tested with customers (Dec 2024)


On Track

Date of change Category Description
24.12.2023 Update

This was added to the DSAP in December 2023 as it was identified as a new strategic digital initiative since our first publication of the action plan in July 2023.