Cloud Migration


What we will do and why

Migration of applications, support services and IT infrastructure from legacy physical datacentres to the cloud, support growth, improving functionality and increasing resilience or IT services and solutions.

Key deliverables

  • Data is migrated over to Azure cloud environment.

Target outcomes

  • Increased scalability and flexibility of IT infrastructure.
  • Increased IT resilience.
  • Facilitation of enhanced services and solutions.

Measures of success

  • All services migrated to Azure cloud without business disruption.
  • Reduction in technical debt.
  • Reduction in downtime of IT related systems.
  • Reduction in time to deliver IT services and solutions.

Stakeholder Engagement

We have engaged with software vendors and business owners across departments which use the existing data centre to arrive at requirements for this migration. There will be an activity prior to decommissioning to test that all services and data have been correctly migrated.

Planned start:


Target completion:


Key milestones:

  • Migrate workloads to Azure Cloud (Jul 2025)
  • Exit existing datacentre (Dec 2025)


On Track

Date of change Category Description
28.06.2024 Update

Overall project is on track still with the intention of being delivered ahead of the target end date.

22.12.2023 Update

The milestone “exit existing datacentre” was moved forward from December 2025 to October 2025, with the overall project now set to complete ahead of schedule. An additional milestone was added “Migrate workloads to Azure Cloud” with a target date of July 2025. More detail about stakeholder engagement was also added.